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Wilfred Wollheim

Assistant Professor, Earth Systems Research Center and Department of Natural Resources and the Environment

Dr. Wollheim joined the Water Systems Analysis Group in 1999 and currently serves as a Co-Director. He has been jointly appointed as Assistant Professor in the Department of Natural Resources and Environment since 2010.

Research Interests

The focus of Wil's research is on how river networks control the flux of nutrients and carbon in response to changes in land use, climate change, and hydrological engineering. To address this question, Wil uses field observations, field experiments, and modeling over a range of scales from headwater catchments, to moderately sized (~100-1000 km2) watersheds, to the global system of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Wil believes that a better understanding of river network dynamics will help to address issues of coastal eutrophication, freshwater quality and the fate of anthropogenic carbon.

Curriculum Vitae

A pdf version of Wil's curriculum vitae is available here.

Selected Publications

Wollheim, W.M, M.B. Green, C.S. Hopkinson, B.A. Pellerin, N. Morse. 2013. Impacts of ecosystem service regionalization on a suburban New England watershed. Estuaries and Coasts. DOI 10.1007/s12237-013-9646-8

Hanley, K. W., W.M. Wollheim, J. Salisbury, T. Huntington, G. Aiken. In Press. Controls on dissolved organic carbon quantity and quality in large North American Rivers. Global Biogeochemical Cycles.

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Morse, N.B., W.M. Wollheim, J.P. Benstead, W.H. McDowell. 2012. Impacts of suburbanization on food web stoichiometry in detritus-based streams of New England. Freshwater Science. 31: 1202-1213.

Vorosmarty, C.J., L. Bravo de Guenni, W.M. Wollheim, B. Pellerin, D. Bjerklie, M. Cardoso, C. DAlmeida, P. Green, L. Colon. In Press. Extreme rainfall, vulnerability and risk: A continental-scale assessment for South America. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A

Miara, A, Vrsmarty, C. J., Stewart, R. J., Wollheim, W. M., Rosenzweig, B. 2013. Ecosystem Services and the Thermoelectric Sector: Strategic Issues Facing the Northeast U.S.. Environmental Research Letters. In Press.

Hope, A.J., W.H. McDowell, W.M. Wollheim. In Review. Ecosystem metabolism and nutrient uptake in an urban, piped headwater stream. Biogeochemistry.

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Gooseff, M., D. A. Benson, M. A. Briggs, M. Weaver, W. M. Wollheim, B. J. Peterson, and C. S. Hopkinson (2011), Residence Time Distributions in Surface Transient Storage Zones in Streams: Estimation Via Signal Deconvolution, Water Resour. Res. 47. W08512, doi:10.1029/2010WR010028

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Research Projects

2013-2013 - University of New Hampshire: Baseline quantification of the magnitude and timing of non-point nitrogen fluxes in the Oyster River and its impacted tributaries.

2012-2016 - NSF-LTER. LTER-PIE: Interactions Between External Drivers, Humans and Ecosystems in Shaping Ecological Process in a Mosaic of Coastal Landscapes and Estuarine Seascapes..

2012-2014 - NOAA-SEAGRANT. Understanding the Mechanisms Controlling Storm Event Nitrogen Fluxes from the Lamprey River Watershed using Continuous in situ Sensors.

2012-2013 - NSF-EPA ULTRA. EPA ULTRA Climate Project

2011-2016 - NSF-EPSCoR. Interaction Among Climate, Land Use, Ecosystem Services and Society

2011-2013 - NH-AES: Scaling the Impact of Agricultural Activity on Water Quality Through Time and Space in the Great Bay Watershed.

2011-2015 - NSF-MacroBiology. Collaborative Research: Stream Consumers and Lotic Ecosystem Rates (SCALER): Scaling from Centimeters to Continents.

2011-2014 - NSF-EaSM. Type 2 - LOI02170327 - A Regional Earth System Model of the Northeast Corridor: Analyzing 21st Century Climate and Environment

2010-2012 - NSF-LTER. Plum Island Sound Comparative Ecosystem Study.

2010-2013 - EPA-STAR: Consequences of Global Change on Water Quality. Impact of Climate Change and Variability on the Nation's Water Quality and Ecosystem State.

2009-2012 - NSF Chemical Oceanography. ETBC: Collaborative Research: Controls on the Flux, Age, and Composition of Terrestrial Organic Carbon Exported by Rivers to the Ocean.

2009-2012 - NSF-CSAS. Collaborative Research: How Does Changing Seasonality Affect the Capacity of Arctic Stream Networks to Influence Nutrient Fluxes from the Landscape to the Ocean?

2009-2013 - NASA-NEWS. Tracking Dissolved Organic Carbon and Its Absorption Characteristics Along the Aquatic Continuum Over Time Using a Remote Sensing Based Approach.

2007-2011 - NSF-DEB-Coupled Human Natural Systems. Suburbanization, Water-Use, Nitrogen Cycling & Eutrophication in the 21st Century: Interactions, Feedbacks & Uncertainties in a Massachusetts Coastal Zone.

2006-2009 - NSF-DEB-Ecosystems. Collaborative Research: Understanding the Scaling of N Cycle Controls Throughout a River Network.

2004-2010 - NSF-LTER. Plum Island Sound Comparative Ecosystem Study.