1. Basic Concepts

1.1. Data Objects and Types
1.2. Table structures
1.3. Data Linkage
1.4. Meta Database
1.5. Rules of Mouse

2. User Interface

2.1. Control Panel
2.2. Menu System
2.2.1. File Project Open Data Open File Reload Close Save Save As Header Info Properties History Relate Link Unlink Exit
2.2.2. Edit (All Data Types) Name Field Join Table Fields Delete Selection Symbol Field Symbols
2.2.3. Edit (Point) Add XY STN Coordinates
2.2.4. Edit (Line) River Direction
2.2.5. Edit (Polygon) Four Color
2.2.6. Edit (Grid) Date Layers Grid Statistics Remove Pits Network Filter
2.2.7. Edit (Network) Build Add Cell XY Add Basin XY Magnitude Distance to Mouth Distance to Ocean Adjust Network
2.2.8. Analyse (All Data Types) Equation Calculate GNU XY-Plot Fields Topo Accumulation Topo Substraction
2.2.9. Analyse (Point) STN Characteristics STN Points Subbasin Grid Subbasin Center Interstation TS [time series] Grid Sampling Subbasins Statistiscs Subbasin Histogram
2.2.10. Analyse (Line)
2.2.11. Analyse (Polygon)
2.2.12. Analyse (Continuous Grid) Resample Find Pits Create Network Merge No Negative Operations
2.2.13. Analyse (Discrete Grid) Uniform Runoff Fields Reclass Discrete Reclass Continuous Zone Histogram Zone Statistics
2.2.14. Analyse (Network) Convert to grid Station points Accumulate Upstream Average Cell Slopes Basin Profile Grid Sampling Statistics Stream Lines
2.2.15. Tools Import Export Duplicate Convert to Point Create Basin Mouth
2.2.6. MetaDB Refresh Edit Delete
2.2.6. Display 2DView Redraw All Attributes Attributes Close Open Table Open Graph Close Close All
2.2.7. Help
2.3. Data Visualization
2.3.1 Display Window
2.3.2 Table Window
2.3.3. Graph Window

3. RiverGIS Processes

3.1. Developing STNetwork
3.1.1. Creating Initial Routing
3.1.2. Editing flow direction
3.1.3. Background data
3.2. Basin Statistics
3.2.1. Continuous Grid Statistics
3.2.2. Continuous Grid Histograms
3.2.3. Discrete Grid Histograms
3.3. Subbasin Statistics
3.3.1. Continuous Grid Statistics
3.3.2. Continuous Grid Histograms
3.3.3. Discrete Grid Histograms
3.4. Miscellaneous