ArcticRIMS Data Sources

Precipitation         - downscaled daily time step (Serreze, UC)
                      - downscaled daily (UNH)
                      - aerological methods/Cullather Method (Serreze, UC)
                      - NCEP rain/no rain (Ohio/UC)
                      - MM5 (Wang, Ohio)

Temperature           - 2m height from NCEP (Serreze/Wang)
                      - Downscaled T from John Walsh?
                      - Observed from GHCN 2
P-E:                  - NCEP I (Wang)
                      - MM5 (Wang)

Evapoitranspiration   - aerological methods - residual (Serreze, UC)
                      - MM5 - residual? (Wang, Ohio)
                      - land surfacce-based (UNH)

Snowcover             - SSM/I (Armstrong, UC)

Snow Water Equivalent - SSM/I (Armstrong, UC)

Freeze/Thaw           - SSM/I (Zhang, UC)
                      - Quikscat (McDonald, JPL)

Active Layer          - (Zhang/Olke, UC) if available

Permafrost Dist'n     - IPA permafrost map (Zhang, UC)

River Discharge       - Observed (UNH/AARI)

Observed              - (UNH)

Atmos water vapor     - NCEP (Serreze/Wang)

Atmos fluxes          - NCEP (Serreze/Wang)

Wind (surface)        - NCEP (Serreze/Wang)

Radiation/Clouds      - ERBE, CERES, ISSCP-D (Serreze/Wang)

Water vapor @ surface - NCEP (Serreze/Wang)

Soil                  - texture, wetland (UNH)

Vegetation            - cover type, root depth (UNH)

Leaf Area Index       - AVHRR?

Surface albedo        - ERBE, ISSCP-D

Surface roughness     - lookup tables

Land surface mask     - UNH  (now available)

River Network         - UNH

Grid Cell ID Numbers  - for the EASE grid panArctic grid cells (Serreze)

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R.Lammers, M. Rawlins