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Ob R. at Salehard, Russia Yenisei R. at Igarka, Russia Lena R. at Kusur, Russia Mackenzie R. at Arctic Red River, Canada Kolyma R. at Kolymskoye, Russia Yukon R. near Stevens Village, USA Sev. Dvina R. at Ust-Pinega, Russia Yukon R. at Eagle, USA Pechora R. at Ust-Tsilma, Russia Yana R. at Ubileynaya, Russia Olenek R. at 7.5 km downstream from Buur's offing, Russia Thelon R. below outlet of Schultz Lake, Canada Back R. above Hermann River, Canada Pur R. at Urengoi, Russia Anabar R. at Saskulah, Russia Peel R. above Fort Mcpherson, Canada Kazan R. above Kazan Falls, Canada Dubawnt R. at outlet of Marjorie Lake, Canada Tanana R. at Nenana, USA Mezen R. at Malonisogorskoye, Russia Onega R. at Porog, Russia Nadym R. at Nadym, Russia Coppermine R. above Copper Creek, Canada Thlewiaza R. above outlet Sealhole Lake, Canada Kobuk R. near Kiana, USA Arctic Red R. near the mouth, Canada Tana at Polmak, Norway Kuparuk R. near Deadhorse, USA Altaelv at Masi, Norway Salcha R. near Salchaket, USA Chena R. at Fairbanks, USA Sagavanirktok R Nr Pump Sta 3, USA Chena R. below Moose C Dam, USA Chena R. below Hunts C Nr Two Rivers, USA Kandik R. near Nation, USA Unalakleet R. above Chiroskey R Nr Unalakleet, USA Wulik R. below Tutak C Nr Kivalina, USA L Chena R. near Fairbanks, USA Saltelva at Junkerdalselv, Norway Ikalukrok C below Red Dog C Nr Kivalina, USA Lignite C above Mouth Nr Healy, USA Chena R. near Two Rivers, USA Tanana R. at Fairbanks, USA Nation R. near Nation, USA Yukon R. at Pilot Station, USA