Pan-Arctic Drainage System Land Surface Data

Data SetData FileFieldsJpeg Image
Ground Ice Content GroundIceContent2.ease.asc GroundIceContent2.txt GroundIceContent2.ease.jpg
Permafrost Extent Permafrost_Extent2.ease.asc Permafrost_Extent2.txt Permafrost_Extent2.ease.jpg
Root Depth RootDepth1999.ease.asc RootDepth1999.txt RootDepth1999.jpg
Vegetation Cover temveg2arctic1999.ease.asc temveg2arctic1999.txt temveg2arctic1999.jpg
Soil Texture FAO.texture2.ease.asc ** new FAO.texture2.txt
** new README
Soil Type FAO.soil2.ease.asc FAO.soil2.txt FAO.soil2.jpg
Soil Phase FAO.phase2.ease.asc FAO.phase2.txt FAO.phase2.jpg
Land Surface Gradient FAO.slope2.ease.asc FAO.slope2.txt FAO.slope2.jpg
Wetlands FAO.wetland2.ease.asc FAO.wetland2.txt FAO.wetland2.jpg
Elevation - Mean
GtopoElevation.txt GtopoElevationMean.ease.jpg
All data all_land_data.tar.gz

The above table contains a set of gridded data covering the region from 45 degrees N to the North Pole. The data represents products we received or we received in previous years. As a result the grid cells will not necessarily match the pan-Arctic land masks generated recently. While I don't know the history of the FAO data, I do believe it is somewhat dated.

Data File Descriptions:

Ground Ice Content - Ground ice content from a pre-release IPA digital database

Permafrost Extent - Permafrost extent from a pre-release IPA digital Permafrost database

Root Depth - Rooting depth of the vegetation in meters. North of 45 deg. N.

Vegetation Cover - Classification of macro-scale vegetation types. North of equator coverage.

Soil Texture - Soil texture derived from FAO maps. North of 45 deg. N.

Soil Type - Soil type derived from FAO maps. North of 45 deg. N.

Soil Phase - Soil phase derived from FAO maps. North of 45 deg. N.

Land Surface Gradient - Land surface gradients derived from FAO maps. Note, this is a very crude classifiacation system. It is recommended that local gradient be derived from digital terrain data instead.

Wetlands - Wetland locations and other soil types derived from FAO maps

Elevation - Three elevation (above sea level) data sets from the higher resolution GTOPO data. Use the mean elevation for most applications.

Each data set is given by an ASCII data file with a 6 line header in the Arc/Info Grid ASCII format. There is a tab delimited look-up table for each file in the Fields column which defines the grid cell values in each data file. Images in jpg format are given in the last column to show you how the mask should look.

The final entry in the table contains a gzipped tar file with all of the data files, text files, and graphics.

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