A partial view of the WBMplus Regional Model, developed for watershed-scale analyses.


Arctic Hydrological Cycle

Data and Tools

Hydrological Models

The WBM Model Family

Biogeochemical Data Sets

Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Watersheds - PIE Research Area = Watersheds
- https://pie-lter.ecosystems.mbl.edu/data-research-area

Data Discovery Center
Project Name = High Intensity Aquatic Network: Oyster River Watershed.
- https://ddc.unh.edu/ddc_data/variables/list/

Data Products

Hydrologically Consistent Dams Database Zuidema, S., Morrison, R., 2020,(version 0.2), Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:x9e5TCsKe2jQKlqmVCG+QQ== [fileUNF]
- https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/5YBWWI

ReFEWS - Interplay of changing irrigation technologies and water reuse - Modeling Results Zuidema, S., 2020
- https://doi.org/10.7923/w6b7-bh63

GAEZ+_2015 Crop Harvest Area Frolking S., Wisser D., Grogan D., Proussevitch A., Glidden S. (2020) Harvard Dataverse, V1.
- https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/KAGRFI

GAEZ+_2015 Crop Production Frolking S., Wisser D., Grogan D., Proussevitch A., Glidden S. (2020) Harvard Dataverse, V1.
- https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/KJFUO1

GAEZ+_2015 Crop Yield Frolking S., Wisser D., Grogan D., Proussevitch A., Glidden S. (2020) Harvard Dataverse, V1.
- https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/XGGJAV

Arctic CHAMP - Community-wide Hydrologic Analysis and Monitoring Program
- http://arcticchamp.sr.unh.edu

Arctic RIMS - A regional, integrated hydrological monitoring system for the pan-Arctic land mass
- http://rims.unh.edu

DSS: Data Synthesis System for World Water Resources - Africa lakes database
- http://www.wwap-dss.sr.unh.edu

ESDC - Earth Systems Data Collaborative
- http://www.datacollaborative.unh.edu/index.shtml

GHAAS - Global Hydrological Archive and Analysis System
- http://www.wsag.unh.edu/toolsTop.html

GM-WICS - Gulf of Maine Watershed Information and Characterization System
- http://www.gm-wics.sr.unh.edu

GRDC Runoff Data - Global Runoff Data Center river discharge database
- http://www.grdc.sr.unh.edu

GTN-H - Global Terrestrial Network - Hydrology
- http://gtn-h.unh.edu

IAHS Metadata - International Association of Hydrological Sciences database of continental-to-global scale water-related data sets
- http://www.wsag.unh.edu/Metadata

IpsWatch - Ipswitch Parker Suburban Watershed Channel
- http://www.ipswatch.sr.unh.edu

NEESPI - Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative Focus Research Center for Water System Studies at UNH
- http://www.wsag.unh.edu/neespi.html

Pan-Artic Drainage System - Monitoring the increase of Arctic temperatures that result from global warming
- http://www.wsag.unh.edu/arctic

Political Mask Pages - EASE Political Boundaries
- http://rims.unh.edu/PoliticalMasks/

R-ArcticNET - A regional, electronic, hydrographic data network for the Arctic region
- http://www.r-arcticnet.sr.unh.edu

R-HydroNET - A regional, electronic hydrometeorological data network for South America, Central America, and the Caribbean
- http://www.r-hydronet.sr.unh.edu/english

RivDIS 1.1 - The global river discharge database
- http://www.rivdis.sr.unh.edu

RiverGIS 2.1 - The GHAAS RiverGIS analysis tool
- http://www.wsag.unh.edu/Tools/html/RGISMain.html

STN Networks - The GHAAS Simulated Topological Network
- http://www.wsag.unh.edu/Stn-30/stn-30.html

WALE - Western Arctic Linkage Experiment
- http://wale.unh.edu

WWDR II - World Water Development Report II database
- http://wwdrii.sr.unh.edu/


Banner image: Lamprey River watershed (photo courtesy of Google Maps).