Riverine ecosystem services and the thermoelectric sector: Strategic issues facing the Northeast. [PDF].


WSAG researchers look at newly downloaded data from the Lamprey River deployment site near Packer's Falls in Lee, NH. [full story].


Aquatic Biogeochemistry

  • Nitrogen and carbon cycling in aquatic environments
  • Global biogeochemistry of nutrients and carbon
  • Controls of nutrient flux and attenuation in river networks
  • Development of continental scale aquatic ecosystem models

Arctic and the Cryosphere

  • The effect of climate change on the polar ice sheets
  • River ice responses to a warming Arctic
  • Interactions between land cover/use change and hydrology
  • Pan-Arctic and global-scale hydrometeorological modeling

Macro-Hydrology Resources

  • Ecosystem services in suburban and agricultural New England landscapes
  • Characterization of hydrology-related ecosystem services
  • Feedbacks among biogeochemistry, hydrology, and human activities through time
  • Biogeochemical and hydrological responses to urbanization and climate change

Banner image: Saco River Estuary (photo courtesy of Joe Dube at http://joedube.com).